How to Boost Your Article Citations


No doubt that increasing the citations of your publications is very important. This credits your contribution, acknowledges your ideas, and increases your reputation. Here you are some important tips to boost your article citations:

1- Choose an engaging and appealing title.

2- List your manuscript keywords. Think about the keywords that will be most probably used by other researchers. This is a very helpful tool to list your keywords:

3- Write a comprehensive abstract that inclusively describes your manuscript topic containing the main keywords and keyphrases.

4- If you have previous related publications, you should cite them (Only the related ones). If not related, citing them will have a negative impact.

5- Include every and each reference you have used. Manuscripts with more references tend to be more cited.

6- Submit your article to preprint servers such as Preprints, arXiv, chemRxiv, and bioRxiv.

7- Choose a high impact journal as possible as you can. Published articles in high impact journals get more citations. You can identify high impact journals by:

8- Publishing in an open access journal also increases your manuscript visibility. Find open access journals in the Directory of Open Access Journals.

9- Share your article via social media platforms; Researchgate,, Figshare, Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.

10- Present your article at conferences.

11- Use a consistent form of your name throughout all your publications.

12- Create a profile in researcher identifiers such as ORCID ID, Researcher ID, and Google Scholar.

13- Link ORCID ID to Scopus publications. See how at

14- List your publications in your institutional webpage, personal website, researcher identifiers profiles, and in social media profiles.


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