Plagiarism Checking

Plagiarism checking service helps the authors avoid plagiarism and its related ethical allegations that may affect their reputation, credibility, and publications. It includes:

  • Scanning your manuscript using Plagiarism Checker X®
  • Rephrasing text
  • Including missing citations

Manuscript Originality

“In simple words, plagiarism is the use of others’ ideas or work without any credit to the original authors. In other words, taking credit for others’ work whether intentionally or unintentionally.” [1,2]

As plagiarism is an unethical publication practice, it has to be avoided at the first stage itself. [2] It could dramatically affect your reputation and your previous or future work will lose its «legitimacy» over the long run. [3]

All high-quality international journals check the novelty and originality of submitted manuscripts and detect if there is any violation, plagiarism, similarity, or missing references. If so, the journal editor rejects the manuscript directly and there may be other procedures such as terminating all the activities for the authors or communicating the matter to institutions. This affects the reputation and credibility of your work. 

Plagiarism Checker X

We are confident that our service will help you avoid any plagiarism claims; however, this does not guarantee the publication. Therefore, we will follow up with you to ensure a high level of satisfaction.

Please submit your work using the Submit Form or you can send it via email to and we will reply to you within 24 hours providing all details about the price quote and the timeframe by which your manuscript would be finalized.

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