In this short video, we will learn when your manuscript needs to obtain patient consent before publication.  
Research Data
What is Data Availability Statement? It is a statement describing the research data, how and where it can be accessed, and under what conditions. It may contain links to data sets or guidance on how to find the raw data. What is Research Data? Research data is the raw data of the study supporting its findings. It can be in many forms such as spreadsheets, videos, presentations, software codes, questionnaires, and other formats. In the
Writing Results Section in a Research Paper
The Results section is one of the key sections in your research paper where you, the author, report the research findings and results to readers. It represents the key results of the study and shows its connection to the research questions. What did you find in your research? Answer this question considering these best practices: How to Structure the Results Section: Start with a summary of the research aims and questions so that you can
Highly Cited Researchers
  Today, the 19th of November, the Highly Cited Researchers list has been released by the Web of Science (WoS). It is an annual list identifying and recognizing the most influential and top researchers in the sciences and social sciences worldwide. It is a kind of recognition to those researchers by announcing influence during the last decade. According to the WoS, “For the 2019 Highly Cited Researchers analysis, the papers surveyed were the most recent
Steps to find target journal
  With the increase of the scholarly journals, nearly 35000 scholarly peer-reviewed journals, choosing the correct target journal for your publication has become very challenging. Your manuscript may fit within the scope of many journals; however, you do not know which one to choose. In this article, we are going to explain the steps that will help you find the best journal for your article and will keep you safe from fake and predatory journals.

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