Conflicts of Interest
What is Conflict of Interest? A conflict of interest is a situation when there are commercial, legal, financial, or any other opposing interests that may affect your study. This may include: Having financial conflicts of interest (study sponsors, funds, grants, or any financial support); Using a company’s resources, time, or equipment for personal gain; Working for a competing business; Using intellectual property (patents, copyrights, royalties); Holding shares in a company which might be influenced by
Data fabrication and falsification is unacceptable

Data Fabrication/Falsification… Do Not Ever Do!

Posted by Rasayely Team on  June 27, 2019

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  What is data fabrication/falsification? According to Merriam Webster Dictionary: Fabrication: the act or process of fabricating; fabricate is to make up for the purpose of deception. [1] Falsification: The act of making false; a counterfeiting; the giving to a thing an appearance of something which it is not; as the falsification of words.[1] Data fabrication is to make up, claim, assume, or create data that has never existed in your study and consequently reach
Submission Checklist
    Before submitting your work to any scholarly journal, you must take into consideration some important sections, items, declarations, and approvals to be included. Here’s your checklist: Title The title of your paper should: Be concise and informative Grab attention Describe the contents of your manuscript accurately Make people want to read further. Author list It is important to list everyone who made a significant scientific contribution. Get approval of all listed authors to
Animal Use in Scientific Research
  A very important part of the scientific process is testing it out, especially in the medical and chemical experiments. Most organizations working in pharmaceutical products require that before releasing a new drug to have it tested on humans. To reach this point, it has to be deemed relatively safe by testing it on animal test subjects first. It’s established that animal testing has been a stable of scientific research for a long time; however,
Scholarly Burdens and Challenges
  Scientific publishing has been a stable of scientific community since the 17th century. Scholars and researchers would brandish their ideas and researches in journal forums that are published regularly or semi-regularly. Scientific publishing led to the creation of various services such as scientific journals editorials, peer review process, and scientific content editing. Scientific publishing acts as a self-sustained ecosystem wherein the manuscripts are authored, reviewed, and edited and approved to be published by scientists